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Lee Greens is a community-led veg bag scheme providing locally sourced, organic vegetables in South East London. Join us in supporting small local farmers and enjoying delicious seasonal veg every week.

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    "We've really enjoyed the variety of vegetables from Lee Greens, the mixture of old favourites and vegetables I'm less familiar with has helped to make me a better cook. Picking everything up from the pub couldn't be easier and a weekly bag means we are eating more vegetables than ever."  Evan (Hither Green)

  • "Just wanted to say how much I like having my bag of veg every week.  I’d not realised until I went on holiday recently how much it shapes what I cook.  I was staying with friends and doing the cooking (I love cooking) and found having a whole supermarket of food to choose from quite difficult.  It made me realise how much I like having a bag of veg and creating my meals for the week bass around them.  It’s also made me look for new ways to use veg like beetroots that I quite like but had only ever roasted.  Having some recipes in the weekly emails is useful too." Caroline (Lee) 


    "The veg being organic and from small farms and having low food miles all go to make Lee Greens a real bonus to living in this area."



    "I'm loving the veg - absolutely wonderful!" Jane (Brockley)


    "We love receiving our bag of vegetables from you. Keep up the good work." Neil (Blackheath)


    "Am really enjoying the veg - it has made me realise how little variety there was in my diet before." Marc (Hither Green)


     "I just wanted to say how much we're enjoying the produce! We're new subscribers to the scheme and it's fantastic to be able to eat fresh and locally sourced vegetables!" James (Hither Green)


    "I am enjoying it esp as it pushes me to eat different veg!" Nikki (Blackheath)


    "It's so great to have found an option for those of us who want to support organic and local business but for whom the more expensive delivery options aren't suitable. And to get some interesting veg too (googling celeriac recipes today)." Eleanor (Brockley)


  • "Personally it's so good for me because I know every week I will get a huge variety of beautiful veg, meaning that I'm constantly getting a good rotation of nutrients. One of my biggest reasons for being vegan is also the environmental impact, so the fact that the vast majority of the veg is local and that there is hardly ever any packaging makes me so happy!!! The amount of plastic that I've cut down on every week by moving to Lee Greens is joyful!" Harriet (Hither Green)



    "You can taste the difference between Lee Greens organic and supermarket organic.  Lee Greens is fresh and alive!  I love it." Nicky (Hither Green)

  • "We’ve been enjoying the veg bag scheme, both for the exciting experience of cooking outside our comfort zone and also the idea of getting more local produce so thanks to Lee Greens for providing such delicious veg + fruit :)" Hannah (Catford)

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Our Farmers

Brockmans Organic Food


A biodynamic farm in Canterbury, the Brockmans having been growing vegetables since the 1950s.

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Ripple Farm Organic Food

Ripple Farm

A small, organic farm in Crundale, Kent, Ripple Farm has been certified Organic since 1989.

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Sarah Green’s Organic Food

Sarah Green’s Organics

Situated in Tillingham, Essex they offer a selection of seasonal organic vegetables throughout the year.

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Langridge Organic Food

Langridge Organics

Admist the rolling hills of Devon, Langridge Farm have the perfect environment to produce organic food.

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