Observer Food Monthly Awards 2018 - Vote For Us

8th June 2018

We're entering The Observer Food Monthly Awards 2018 under the flag of the Better Food Traders (BFTs) for best independent retailer. In conjunction with our cooperative vegetable schemes - Crop Drop, Local Greens & Growing Communities - we set up the Better Food Traders (BFTs) BFT network in 2015 to bring together like-minded retailers that were doing things differently. The way food is traded makes a huge impact on how ethically and ecologically it can be farmed, processed and transported. The BFT's come in the form of veg box schemes, farmers markets and community-owned shops set up specifically to provide a farmer-friendly way for people to buy their food that doesn't exploit people or planet. Sounds like common-sense to us, yet such thinking is revolutionary in our food system. Wouldn't it be awesome if our group of radical retailers got some national recognition?

How to vote:

Visit The Observer, scroll down to Best Independent Retailer,

Select "Expand" and enter in the following details:

Retailer Name: Better Food Traders

Town: London


Voting closes 22 June at 5pm