No bags on 27th December!

12th December 2018
No bags

Important change for Christmas / New Year


There will be no veg bag on 27th December - as usual our farm suppliers and Lee Greens will take a break between Christmas and New Year. Our last delivery of the year will be Thursday 20 December and regular service will resume on 3 January 2019.

In previous years we have supplied Bumper bags for last bag, however this year we have decided to give you the choice of deciding if you want or need a bigger bag.

I'd like a bigger bag for Christmas!

Change your bag!

Lee Greens Veg Scheme now has a wider range of bag sizes from Small (5-6 items), Standard (7-8 items) to Large (9-10 items). Progressively each bag contains a larger quantity of most veg items than the previous size.

Weekly bag prices are:

Small £8.90
Small no potatoes (with an extra veg item) £9.95
Standard £13.75
Standard (with an extra veg item) £15.40
Large £17.00
Large (with an extra veg item) £19.00

If you would like to upgrade your bag for 20 December click on the email link at the bottom and let us know:
  1. The name on the Lee Greens account
  2. Current bag type and type of the bag you require
  3. If you wish to remain on the upgraded bag for longer than one week.
We will upgrade your 20 December bag and change it back to your regular bag for 3 January (or later if you require).

For that week(s) only cost of the upgraded bag will be charged to your Lee Greens account and collected in the January payment. We will confirm the details by email.


Donate your bag!

If you do not want a bag on 20th December then you can either cancel it as normal (please log in to your account here and register a holiday by 13 December) or you can donate it to AFRIL who will give the veg to families in need.

To donate your bag please click here.

Thank you 

Lee Greens Team

I'd like a bigger bag for Christmas!