Vegetable cakes

19th February 2019

Vegetables in Baking

Mixing vegetables in to cakes and bakes can be a great way to add new flavours and bold colours to creations. Carrot cakes are a common sight and fond favourite in homes and cafes everywhere, but there are so many more vegetables that can be used in home baking.

Root vegetables such as parsnips and sweet potatoes can add a beautifully sweet flavour to cakes and work well with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Beetroots make a great alternative to red food colouring, creating a vibrant sponge in red velvet cake, or a pink hue in iced cupcakes. Beets also pair well with chocolate cake and brownies, keeping the cake rich and moist.

All this talk of vegetables and cake got us thinking about what else can be used in baking. We’ve searched the web for weird and wonderful recipes; it’s amazing what veg has ended up in a cake! Here is a selection of what we have found (some sound more appealing than others) …

Parsnip Cake – the sweet, spiced parsnips in this fruity apple cake make for a comforting tea time treat.

Spiced parsnip and apple cake

Roasted cauliflower and raisin upside-bread – certainly not the first vegetable we’d think of when baking. It’s recommended this bread is eaten with Greek yoghurt as a sweet treat or with feta and roasted tomatoes as a tasty savoury snack.

Roasted cauliflower raisin upside down bread

Pea and vanilla cake – the bright green peas give this cake a fantastic colour. Mixed with zesty lemon this cake is certainly something different to try this spring.

Pea and vanilla cake with lemon icing and pea shoots

Onion Cake – whilst not strictly a cake, more of a pizza, this onion tray bake looks like a good way to use up onions and create a hearty dinner.

Onion cake

Potato Cake – if you are not a fan of sweets things, potato cakes are simple to make and can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or tea.

Cheese and potato cake

Let us know if you’ve tried baking with vegetables and what your favourite recipes are. Perhaps you have a tried and tested carrot cake recipe that is always a success. Or maybe you’ve stumbled across a bizarre combination that somehow just works. We’d love to hear from you.

By Joanna Kimber, environmental consultant