Local 'Food Portrait Artist' - are you looking for kitchen art?

12th June 2019
Food art

Lee Greens is delighted to promote local 'Food Portrait Artist', Lucy-Anne Bishop.

Lucy-Anne has merged her work as an environmental educator and previous Kew Gardens ethnobotanist (the cultural uses of plants) with her art. One of her passions is understanding how our human relationship with nature is vital to our wellbeing, especially in urban areas - foraging, seasonal food, parks, gardens and planting. Lucy-Anne is taking painting commissions of favourite foods (or even 'deconstructed' recipes) to decorate kitchen and dining room walls now.

Photo - Oil painting of red cabbage, Italian & Graffiti aubergines

All enquires to Lucy-Anne on lucyanne.bishop@yahoo.co.uk.

PS. this talented woman also packs your vegetables!