Christmas 2020 arrangements

Lee Greens staff and volunteers will be taking a break for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. This means there will be no bags to collect on 24th or 31st December. 

Instead, you will receive a Bumper Christmas Bag on 17th for which you will be charged for two weeks (17th and 24th). You will not be charged for the 31st December: for the other weeks you can make changes or book holiday as necessary.

We will not be checking emails during the two weeks we are off but you can still make changes to future deliveries by logging into the website.

Below is a summary of dates and deadlines followed by FAQ's.

Dates to remember: 

Thursday 26th Nov (10am) - register holidays before 10am so that your next GoCardless payment is amended accordingly.  See below.
Wednesday 9th Dec (MIDDAY) - last day to either register holiday for the Bumper Bag of 17th Dec via the website or upgrade your bag to an even bigger bumper bag via email. You can also email us to donate your Bumper Bag to charity and we will deliver your bag to the AFRIL Foodbank or The Whitefoot and Downham Project Foodbank.
Thursday 10th Dec - collect your bag as normal.
Tuesday 15th Dec (MIDNIGHT) - last day to email us to donate your bag to charity (it's too late to cancel at this point as we've already ordered the veg).
Thursday 17th Dec - collect your Bumper veg and fruit Bag(s) from your usual pick up point.
Friday 18th Dec - Lee Greens closes at end of business day, please report any issues by 5pm.
24th Dec - NO DELIVERIES. Lee Greens Office closed.
30th Dec - Office reopens: we will be checking emails again.  Deadline for changes to your first January bag.
31st Dec - NO DELIVERIES. Lee Greens Office closed.
7th Jan - Collect first Veg and Fruit Bag of 2021.


What is the Bumper Bag?
The Lee Greens Bumper Bag is a double bag: you will receive twice the value of vegetables in your bag. Your fruit bag will be a bumper bag too! Effectively we are packing the value of two bags into one to help you get through the holiday season. There will be an extra quantity of some items plus additional festive items. Collect your bag with the usual coloured tag as you would normally.

How will I be charged for the Bumper Bag?
You will be charged for TWO bags and payment will be taken in advance at the start of December. Your statement will show a charge for 17th December and 24th December but you will only receive ONE double value Bumper bag on 17th December. There will be no bag on 24th December (nor the 31st).

What fruit and veg can we expect in the Bumper Bag on the 17th?
A variety of festive possibilities, you will find some of the following.... Carrots, Onions, Parsnips, Roasting Potatoes (in the potato bags), Sweet Potatoes, Leafy Greens, Red Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli or Cauliflower, mushrooms, a Herb and Lemons.
Fruit bag customers can expect apples, pears, oranges, kiwi, maybe bananas and possibly plums. 

What if I want a normal size bag on 17th?
Unfortunately we are not able to make different bags available because it's a very busy packing day for us and we don't want to risk the wrong bags going to the wrong people.  We expect many items in the bags to store well so you can continue to use them throughout the festive period. If you really don't need a bag then you can book holiday or donate your bag to charity (see above).

I usually get a "no potatoes" bag but I definitely want some roast potatoes for my Christmas Dinner. What should I do?
If this is a one-off change then you should email us by midday on 9th December.  If you want to switch to having potatoes on an ongoing basis you should log into your account before midday on 9th December and change your bag from no potatoes to a regular bag.

Can I upgrade my Bumper Bag?
If you want to upgrade your Bumper bag email us by Midday on 9th December and we will do that for you and revert your bag to your usual bag for January 7th. If you want to change your bag for a longer period you can log in and change it yourself (remember to change your current bag to 0 and add a 1 to the bag you want before saving). You can downgrade your bag at any time provided you give us a week's notice.

I would like to suspend my bag over Christmas, what are my options?
You can:
1. Donate your bag to Charity - email by midnight on 15th December.
2. Register holiday for 17th December via your online account by midday on 9th December.

If you register your December holiday dates by 26th November you won't be charged for those dates when the December payment is taken. If you miss the November deadline to book holiday, don't worry, you will be reimbursed against your January payment (provided you suspended the bag before the 9th December midday deadline).

Will there be a bag on 24th or 31st December?
No, the last bag of 2020 will be on 17th December.

What happens if I need to suspend my bag after 9th December?
You will still be charged for the Bumper Bag, so please ask a friend or family member to collect your bag so it is not wasted.  Alternatively, please contact us at and we can arrange for your bag to go to Charity.

I registered my Holiday after 26th November so I have already been charged for the Bumper Bag?  What happens?
You can still register a holiday for 17th December by midday 9th December, the money will stay on your GoCardless account and January's payment will be lower. After 9th December you will be charged as we will have purchased the veg and fruit for your bag(s).

Why can't I see the 24th December as an option to book holiday?
If you have booked 17th December as holiday then 24th December will also be automatically booked as holiday. If you have not registered a suspension then you will be charged for 17th December and 24th December. 

I am due a bag on 24th December but not on 17th.  How can I opt in to receive the Bumper Bag?
Try logging into your account to make the change for the 17th. If you have any problems, contact us by email before midday on Wednesday 9th December.

When can I collect my bag?
Please check your emails and the Weekly Newsletter for collection point opening times.

What happens if there is a problem with my Christmas Delivery?
You can contact us up until 5pm on Friday 18th Dec via 07474576012 or and we will try to sort out any issues.

Will I be able to make changes to my bags between 19th December and 6th January?
Yes you can make changes to your online account but we will not be monitoring emails regularly during this time. There will be a delay responding to emails but they will be responded to in due course.

When do deliveries resume in the new year?
Deliveries will resume on 7th January 2021.  Customers will NOT be charged for the 31st December. January veg and fruit bags will be charged for during the first week of January. Register any bag changes or holidays by midday on Wednesday 30th December.


Lee Greens Team