How does the scheme work?

When you sign up you choose what size bag you’d like to order and start paying a monthly direct debit. Fresh organic vegetables will be ordered from local farmers every week and packed into bags. Those are then distributed to a number of pick-up points in the area where you can collect them at a time that suits you.

How much will the bags cost?

We offer different sized bags at different price levels. Visit our veg bags page to see what's in each bag and sign up page to find out more.

How do prices compare with other places?

All our produce is organic (see below), and we pay a fair price to local farmers. We operate on a pick-up basis so there are minimal delivery costs. Our prices are comparable to other veg box schemes and provide good value compared with supermarket organic produce.  Details of our prices can be found here.

What will be in the bag?

Bags will contain a selection of seasonal produce. For example, a small bag might contain potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, squash and spinach. See the veg bags page for what's in this week's bags.

Can I pick what's in the bag?

Bags are available at different sizes but in order to keep our prices low we cannot offer bespoke bags.  You may be able to swap one item for another at our larger pick-up points where a "swap box" will be available.

Will you deliver vegetables to my home?

In order to reduce food miles (protecting the environment), keep costs down and support local businesses the scheme will deliver bags to a number of designated pick-up points each week. These might be pubs, cafes, local shops, schools etc. The bags are delivered on Thursday afternoons and you can collect your bag at a time that suits you according to the opening hours of the establishment or 24 hours a day in some cases. If you are interested in serving as a pick-up point please contact us.

What happens when I am on holiday?

If you are on holiday or cannot pick up your bag, you can ask a friend to pick it up on your behalf. Or let us know by Sunday 23:00 before the Thursday delivery and we'll cancel your bag. If you let us know by this time you will not pay for the bag.

You can do this by going to the homepage and log in to your account page by using your username and password. 

Sign up and cancellation policy.

You can sign up and complete the direct debit online. Provided you complete the direct debit instruction by Sunday 23:00 evening, you will get your first bag of veg the following Thursday. There is no lengthy contract period but when you sign up you commit to a minimum of 1 month. After that, if you wish to stop we request that you finish at the end of month paid up to, ideally 1 month's notice. You can pause or cancel your subscription online by logging in to your account.

Can I order fruit as well as vegetables?

We are planning to start fruit bags shortly. 

Where are the vegetables grown?

Most of our veg will be grown by our farmers who are located in Kent and Essex.  At certain times of year we will need to supplement local produce with items from other UK farms and occasionally from Europe.  We are committed to supplying veg that is as local as possible but we also want to give our customers an interesting variety.  We work hard to get the right balance at a good price.

What do you mean by Organic?

The veg we supply comes from farmers who farm using organic principles - they work with nature, protecting the health of the soil and ecosystems of which they are a part. However, not all are registered with an organic certification body such as the Soil Association. Some farms are registered as Biodynamic. See the "Our Farmers" page for further details for each farm.

Can I have fortnightly bags?

One of aims of the scheme is to support small farmers by giving them a regular income so they can plan and scale their planting and operations. This requires a certain amount of commitment from Lee Greens and our customers and therefore weekly bags are offered by default. However, we can arrange fortnightly bags manually if you contact us via email. 

How do I change my bag or pickup location?

Login using your username and password to access your account page. Click edit a current order in the top right. You will not be able to change an order for a week that is already in progress i.e. after Sunday 23:00 for the following Thursday.

Why do you use plastic?

The carrier bags we use are made from recycled plastic and we ask that our customers return them so they can be reused as often as possible. We use bags because they are robust enough to hold the weight of the veg, waterproof and durable for customers to carry home in all weathers.

Our suppliers use polythene bags for certain leafy greens. Again we ask for them to be returned and we minimise the use of them as much as possible.

Plastic has the ability to preserve most veg such as leaves, maintaining freshness for the period from packing until pick up. So we are using them until we have found and tested a cost-effective practical solution. We are aiming to introduce a returnable non-plastic bag scheme in 2019.