5 ways with Radicchio

Radicchio is one of my favourite salad leaves, particularly because its not a salad leaf you generally find in a supermarket. Ocassionally a paltry 3-4 leaves can be found hidden amongst iceberg and rocket in those mixed salad bags, but generally it's something you have to seek out at a well stocked Greengrocer, Farmers Market, or in your Lee Greens bag. 

If you're not sure what to do with its incredibly bitter tasting stunning purple leaves, here are 5 ideas, that extend beyond a simple salad. 

Digital Detox Tips by Marina Ferri, from Blueprint Social

Our January wellness series continues. This week Marina Ferri from Blueprint Social, shares with us her five digital detox tips

Digital Detox Tips
by Marina Ferri, from Blueprint Social

Time for a Mini Digital Detox? Let's be realistic: January 2021 is unlikely to be a particularly successful month to attempt a total digital detox. Our daily lives are pretty much dependent on screens and reliable Wi-Fi, BUT there are a few tricks we can implement to reduce our exposure to digital media.

Mindfulness & Mindful Consumption with Dilya Mavlanova-August

Our January wellness series continues. This week Dilya Mavlanova-August, the founder of Mindful Globe, will be highlighting mindfulness & mindful consumption.

Mindfulness & Mindful Consumption 
by Dilya Mavlanova-August, the founder of Mindful Globe

Dilya shares with us what mindfulness is and how it can help us in the days of uncertainty and change. She is also offering some tips on mindful consumption.