Sunchoke, better known as Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes do not derive from the artichoke family nor do they originate from Jerusalem. Instead they are a sunflower tuber, often called a Sunchoke, from North America - all very unusual! This strange vegetable looks like knobbly ginger and tastes remarkably like potato when cooked and chestnuts when raw. A vegetable high in fibre and with fantastic PREBIOTIC qualities, it is a little bit of magic for people who can’t or don’t eat potatoes and yet miss them. Let me explain. 

From local to global: Lee Greens and the bigger picture

This February we’ll be taking a look at the bigger picture: how does Lee Greens fit into the sustainable future of agriculture and food? Celia Bradley, one of our directors, will be bringing us some facts and figures and some inspiring stories from around the world, encouraging us to envision a better future for humankind and our relationship with land and food. She will take us through Understanding more about the current food system, to Imagining a different future, and closing with some Actions we can take as

Connecting with our Food Through Cooking with Ceri Jones

Lee Green's Wellness January is coming to a close, we hope we've been able to share with you techniques and tips that have enhanced your month, given you a different perspective and/or have been food for thought.  To continue, Food Educator & Chef Ceri Jones, shares her joy for cooking and why connecting with our food is so important.

Connecting with our Food Through Cooking   
by Ceri Jones 

5 ways with Radicchio

Radicchio is one of my favourite salad leaves, particularly because its not a salad leaf you generally find in a supermarket. Ocassionally a paltry 3-4 leaves can be found hidden amongst iceberg and rocket in those mixed salad bags, but generally it's something you have to seek out at a well stocked Greengrocer, Farmers Market, or in your Lee Greens bag. 

If you're not sure what to do with its incredibly bitter tasting stunning purple leaves, here are 5 ideas, that extend beyond a simple salad.