Have you heard our BIG news?

Last month Lee Greens started selling delicious fruit bags alongside our wonderful vegetables. After five years of getting great quality, seasonal, organic veg to our lovely customers, we decided it was time for something new. You can add a fruit bag to your current order of veg by logging into our customer portal. If you’re a new customer, you can register via the same link. The fruit so far has been amazing. We even had cantaloupe melons grown by our friends at Brockmans in Kent.

Kohlrabi and Apple Coleslaw with Toasted Pine Nuts

A modern take on the classic slaw. This one is great served as a side dish, or alongside cold meats. It's been made simply with shop-bough mayonnaise, but you could also use a French remoulade style dressing for a more complex flavour. The pine nuts at a welcome crunch. Ideally leave the skin on both the kholrabi and the apple, so you get specks of colour running through the dish.

Serves 2

Freestyle Sweetcorn Fritters

With sweetcorn on repeat in the bags of late, this is a great way of using them up. Having spent most of the year eating sweetcorn from a tin or from frozen, you really notice the difference using fresh corn. The texture and flavour are a notch above. We call these freestyle fritters because once you've mastered the basic recipe and technique you can add in all sorts of different flavours or spices. They're great as a light bite or part of a main meal. Served above with a Greek yoghurt and chilli oil dip.

Roasted Squash with Tahini Yoghurt

As squash season is starting again, we are thinking of ways to enjoy this wonderful vegetable. This recipe uses crown prince, which is often in our bags throughout the autumn, but it would work with any other squash or pumpkin, such as red kuri. This is more of a recipe idea than a fully detailed recipe - have fun experimenting!



1. Roast wedges of the crown prince with some olive oil, cumin seeds and some salt. It usually takes around 40 minutes at 180C (fan oven).

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

I used a mix of last week's plum cherry tomatoes and a few larger ones for this recipe. Which ever tomatoes you use they are absolutely delicious. The smell of them slow roasting in the oven wafting through my home, alone is enough to tempt me to make these again, just as well it's tomato season. Perfect for throwing into salads, serving with eggs and toast for breakfast or stirred through pasta.