Spanokopita with Veg Bag Greens

29th June 2020
Spanokopita \

Spanokopita is a Greek recipe - a filo pastry pie usually made with spinach.  However, it works really well with many types of greens, which is just as well as we put them in your bags almost weekly.

At the beginning of lockdown in March, I followed Felicity Cloake's recipe, but made many changes, and here's how you can make a filo pastry pie with a variety of swaps!

You can find the original recipe for spanokopita here

  • I subbed the spinach for chard, spring greens and lettuce. You could use any green veg in this recipe I reckon. Kale too.  ⠀
  • You can't massage spring greens to wilt them which is what the recipes suggests, so instead I sautéed all the greens when the onion was soft, and then plonked them all in a colander to let the excess water drip off.⠀
  • I used an onion instead of a leek (I could have also used some celery or some finely chopped fennel), I did have spring onions, but it would work without them, perhaps a touch of garlic?⠀
  • No lemons! Luckily I had some dried sumac in my spice drawer. If the recipe had called for juice I could have used a drop of vinegar instead. ⠀
  • I had fresh dill, but if I didn't a few caraway seeds, fresh fennel fronds, dried dill or dried tarragon into the mix would have been fine. ⠀
  • I only had 200g feta (1 packet), but since I didn't have enough greens I figured it didn't matter. ⠀

Recipes can ALWAYS be adapted, don't give up if you don't think you have everything you need! Let us know if you have any victories, we love to hear them. ⠀

Photos by Ceri Jones