COVID-19 - what we're doing

Covid-19: What steps we are taking


We are taking new subscriptions at all our pick up points with space. Some locations maybe full so if you can't see one close to you email us at to join our waiting list. We are always looking for and opening new locations so feel free to contact us.

This page has been created to provide regular updates in relation to COVID-19 and its implications for our veg scheme. We know these are difficult times but we are determined to keep supplying you with fresh produce from our small farmers and producers who you’ve helped us support over the years. As long as the farmers keep on farming (and delivering) we plan to carry on getting your veg to you!  

We’ll issue emails as needed for particular pickup points but this is the first place to check for updates – and we will update it regularly if and when arrangements change. 

Keeping safe: We have implemented extra precautions (see below) in our packing and delivery operations to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus. But please remember that all collection points are public spaces, so do bring wipes or hand sanitiser to wash/wipe hands after picking up your bags, as you would when using any other shop. Also keep distance when queuing or from people to protect you, your fellow customers and our staff. Do not touch your face when out and about, and take notice of hygiene reminders posted at the collection points. Then please remember to wash your hands before and after you unpack your bags at home. We’ll be quarantining your returned plastic bags for five days between them being returned and repacked to eliminate risk of contamination. As always, remember to wash all fruit and vegetables before use. 

Bear with us: we will always try and get back to you as soon as we can but please be patient if we do not answer your calls or emails immediately – we are a small team of part time staff and volunteers. 

Can’t collect your bag? If you’re having to stay home, you are welcome to send a friend, neighbour or family member to collect your bag for you. Just make sure they have the collection instructions and padlock codes they need. Please join our Customer Facebook group to connect with other customers near you so you can help one another out. If neither of these are possible email us and we will do our best to get your bag to you or link you up with another Lee Greener'.

Please see our pick-up point section below for the latest information on where to pickup your veg.

Heightened Hygiene Precautions

Our staff and volunteers are working hard to protect our members and ourselves (and all our families) from the Covid-19 virus.  

Veg Packing: All staff have been trained in Coronavirus hygiene including hand washing and how to deal with sneezes.  All staff wash hands before the pack starts and wear gloves while packing. Staff know not to touch their faces or phones during the packing. Official guidance states that 'it is very unlikely that you can catch coronavirus from food' -see

All staff wash hands according to official public health guidelines before and after eating or any breaks.

Veg delivery: The delivery van is cleaned between each delivery trip and delivery staff have been trained in how to deliver veg to pick-ups to minimise the potential for virus transmission.